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hey guys so since none of us have been on forever, it’d be awesome if you reblogged this if you are a eleanor/style blog so we could follow you! .x

hi babes! i’m terribly sorry for not being on for so long. i’m going to try and get this blog up and going again though, since i have some extra free time.

love you all .x

Where have you guys been...?

i’m really sorry! i think we’ve all been so busy! i’m on now though x

And the news is… I am selling handmade bracelets on Etsy!


Here is the link to my etsy shop, Beauty and a Bracelet. I also have a badge in the left corner at the bottom of every page on my blog. Right now I only have a few bracelets but I take custom orders and will be making more bracelets very soon. I would mean a lot if you guys checked it out (: xx

Hello love! What can i wear for those days that its really cold for going to the cinema? :)

black jeans, moto boots, jumper, leather jacket! :) x

Hi :) I was reading your blog posts and came across the one about the ASOS maple brogues. I'm really not sure whether to get them or not! Do you know of any reviews about them? Thank youuu :)x

I don’t know if anybody has those particular brogues but ASOS does know how to do brogues very well from other ones that I’ve seen! I think you should get them :) x

Would you say the Topshop mesh striped crop top ran small or true to size?

i’d say it runs slightly big! Mine’s a 2 and I’m usually a 2 or 4 so yeah :) x

Hello! Can you tell your followers that I'm a new fashion blogger? I'm still at the beginning but I will post a lot of ootd's and things like that. Thanks xxx

^^^^ :) x

Hello there! :) So, this Saturday I'm going to visit a beach with college for a project and we'll be walking all day. It's going to be like 62ºF and idk what to wear! Help please? Thank you so much! <3 xx

I’d wear shorts and an oversized sweater with a bunch of layers! xx

I'm not fat , but i'm not skinny too . I have fat belly and cellulite in my legs and i want to have a body like Eleanor this summer . A little of help please?

work out frequently and eat really well! it’s the only way!  xx

i'm trying to find some aftershocks but i'm really struggling! do you know where i could find some?x

http://www.tonybianco.com.au/categories/boots/gidget-27354.html :) x


I have put the mesh stripe long sleeve crop top (that eleanor also owns) on ebay so go check it out! Message me if you have questions xxx

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Topshop flower dress / Tory Burch ballerina shoes, $255 / Mulberry  handbag / Ray-Ban ray ban optical


Topshop flower dress / Tory Burch ballerina shoes, $255 / Mulberry handbag / Ray-Ban ray ban optical

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